The Bigger ConversationsTM

Johnson Financial Group is a comprehensive planning firm established in 1981. We are committed to approaching every family centered on the Bigger Conversations™ to help you achieve a clear conviction about why you’re planning in the first place. We begin by allowing each person to Articulate Your Why™. We find that they easily and comfortably come to a place of knowing the underlying passions for how you want to impact family, business and philanthropy. Once all the ah-ha’s are on the table we proceed to Validate Your Vision™ where we go behind the scenes to design right fit solutions that rise to the occasion and meet your goals and opportunities. The next phase of our process focuses on Outlast Your Outcome™. It is the vital component that ensures that all the planning that you’ve put in place actually accomplishes what you’ve dreamed.

The Three Step Process

Phase I. Articulate Your Why

Everyday established wealth holders ponder how they want things to play out with their wealth, their families or their businesses after they’re gone.

Yet there’s a gap that remains between their ideas – and a clear conviction to move forward. We believe it’s because the planning industry has not largely evolved to a point where this crucial vision-development phase is a distinct process. A process that precedes development of technical planning solutions.

We have developed a unique process to fill the gap. Most successful people have an innate desire to be remembered for their contributions. Our process helps brilliant wealth holders connect that internal awareness to a point of external articulation. You easily and comfortably come to a place of knowing your Whys – the underlying passions for how you want to impact family, business and philanthropy, currently and after you’re gone.

Whether you’re filling a sophisticated insurance need or engaging in deeper planning, The Bigger Conversations help you achieve clear conviction about why you’re planning in the first place.

Phase II. Validate Your Vision

With great awareness around Why you’re planning, the technical phase of planning becomes more natural and logical. Your documented Whys become a filter or a litmus test for all potential planning ideas.

We work behind the scenes collaborating with your existing advisors to design scenarios that align with your vision. Great ideas that don’t align are set aside. Finally in planning, your advisors approach you with consensus about which technical strategies possess the power and potential to validate your vision.

Phase III. Outlast Your Outcome

With a written business succession plan in place, our firm is literally poised to help your Why outlast your lifetime, flowing into your future generations with communication, leadership and stewardship.

We commit the endurance, diligence and patience to see your choices through to completion. Only the most meticulously executed strategies have the power and potential to outlast your outcome. A single detail left undone can unravel your Why.

As the world changes, your planning needs change. Economic environments and financial markets can cause seemingly fixed strategies to shift. To keep plans current requires an interested party, a watchful eye and the business processes to execute. Our goal is to provide all three by checking every plan every year.

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